Kickstarter for Co-Op Puzzle-Adventure Game ’39 Days to Mars’ Is a Smashing Success so Far


The HMS Fearful — a space worthy steampunk starship — began her maiden voyage to mars in the year 1876, a trip that was expected to last somewhere around 39 days. Unfortunately it wasn’t the smoothest of journeys, and so the Fearful’s two man crew are going to have to work in tandem to ensure that the ship stays in one piece long enough to reach her destination. The end result is a two player co-op resource management adventure — complete with unique art style — straight from Phillip Buchannan, an up-and-coming game developer from the land of New Zealand.

The journey isn’t going to be an easy one — however — for while the HMS Fearful was designed by the most brilliant minds that Victorian science could offer, the pilots managing the ship are anything but clever. Sir Albert Wickes and The Right Honorable Clarence Baxter will quickly discover that perhaps a steam-engine based design was not the best choice for a space faring vessel, especially when they don’t understand any of it. To survive the voyage the duo will regularly need to eat — sleep — and amuse themselves (lest they die of utter boredom), and above all else keep the ship remaining in a preferably single piece.

However, to quote Phillip Buchannan:

39days2This would be easier if the fire hadn’t run out of coal, and if bedsprings weren’t so squeaky. The Mechanical Navigation Computer has got a virus, the Interstellar Transport Engine is low on fuel, and Baxter snores. It will take all of your talents, and a little bit of good luck, to get both pilots to Mars in one piece.

Furthermore — so as to ensure maximum pick-up-and-playability — each of the game’s 39 individual days will be fast-paced affairs, with the entire journey — if successful — expected to only run a little over twenty minutes (so that you’ll want to play it again). Thus — with everything about 39 Days to Mars sounding positively smashing — it’s no wonder that the project’s Kickstarter has already been a complete success, so far securing $2,409 (NZD). However, Philip Buchannan — knowing that mobile devices are great purveyors of burst based gameplay — has furthermore proclaimed that he will port his adventure to iOS based platforms should the $4,000 (NZD) stretch goal be reached.

So for a mere two dollars you can secure very your own PC copy of 39 Days to Mars when she releases, as well as furthermore do your part to bring this unique experience to iOS users everywhere. Meanwhile, even more generous backers can expect to receive rewards such as: their name in the game’s credits, a high quality paper craft model of the HMS Fearful, Beta Tester access, original artwork from the creator, and much more! Those intrigued by the opportunity to help out this unique co-op experience should be sure to keep in mind that the Kickstarter for 39 Days to Mars will be ending on March 4th, after which the HMS Fearful shall be departing on her maiden voyage.