The iFriday Roundup, No. 22

Super Bit Dash Gets in Christmas Spirit with Free Sale, Huge Update

A few weeks back we reported that Fakepup had a big update in store for their smashing runner debut, Super Bit Dash. We’ve given the latest version a spin and it’s quite the overhaul: in addition to a bunch of new level segments there’s a kiosk where the player can spend all those coins on upgrades and new characters. And given the update’s Christmas theme, let’s just say Fakepup has offered a compelling answer to the mystery of how Santa gets around so swiftly. Not only did that update hit this week, but Fakepup were in touch to let us know that the game is completely free for a limited time! If you aren’t excited for a stocking stuffer of this caliber yet, let us direct you to our review of the original release.

Appvent Makes Fara and Evertales Free for a Day

Whoa, here are some major freebies you won’t want to miss out on! Thanks to Appvent, both Pixel and Texel’s Fara (our review) and Thunder Game Works’ & Crescent Moon Games’ Evertales (our review) are going free today! We’ve been seeing quite a lot of Appvent promotions, so devs looking for sale ideas may want to get in touch with Santa’s little helpers at their site to find out more.

Gravity Cat Free Until December 23

Also getting into the Christmas spirit are Monster Robot Studios, who have made their physics-driven action adventure, Gravity Cat, free for the next few weeks! You can check out our review here; definitely an opportunity you don’t want to miss if you’re in the mood for a creative gravity defying adventure.

Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse Goes Free

The folks at Honey Tribe Studios are busily buzzing with work on Ashley Ao in hopes of releasing early next year, and they’re wrapping up 2011 by making their debut educational eco racer free for a few days. Don’t forget to read our interview with this developer-to-watch while you’re soaking up those bee facts!

TOME Studios Rolls Out the Wraiths, and a Danger Alliance Sale!

Whoa, big news out of TOME Studios! A major content update just hit Danger Alliance: Battles, bringing the first spooky scenario mission to go along with the usual Skirmish mode. Bullets will be flying in new ways as it appears the captain just got a shiny pair of gold pistols, and major technical improvements have sweetened the deal — looks like that enemy AI thinking time has been shaved right down. We’ll have more impressions of the new update in our next iFriday Roundup, but it’s safe to say the game just got a whole lot cooler, and at half price this is sure to make TBS and Strategy RPG fans reconsider if they passed up the original release.

Battle Group Updates, Featured in Aussie App Sale

Just when we thought Bane Games’ superbly crafted rail shooter couldn’t get any better, the dev has rolled out a new survival mode! Battle Group is currently selling at half price as part of the Aussie App Sale, where several devs from Down Under have banded together for the sake of saving gamers a buck or two.

Hunters: Episode One on Sale

Rodeo Games’ Turn-Based Strategy title Hunters: Episode One usually commands a $4.99 USD price tag, but it’s going for $0.99 right now! Genre fans have been extolling its virtues quite consistently since its release, and here’s a thorough gameplay demo from the dev as an additional reference.

Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion Goes Universal

That’s right, Witching Hour Studios have rolled out the long-awaited universal update to their own smashing Turn-Based Strategy debut! Not to mention, the last few updates have virtually obliterated any imperfections we noted in our review of the release version. If you’re holding out for a sale on this one, don’t bet on it: the devs were in touch to let us know that Ravenmark’s price will actually rise over time to reflect the increased value of the universal edition and the upcoming additional campaign. Better get in line at the $2.99 price while you still can, TBS fans and story lovers!

The SpyCorp Overhaul Continues!

Nothing is Mission Impossible for Wicked Games, who have gone on the warpath determined to take care of seemingly every imperfection Sean noted in his review, and then some! Among the bevy of improvements in the current update are those area minimaps and improved control sensitivity we asked for. SpyCorp is being featured in one of this week’s giveaways, so be sure to give this heroic indie dev some Twitter love there and find out what else you can win!

Shake Spears! Update Hits Hard

It’s been a while since we last heard from Alawar and Wake Up Studios, but rest assured they’re still busy cooking up great updates to the masterpiece that is Shake Spears! The latest update has added a survival mode and made enemy AI even more challenging, but what we’re really excited about is the real-time multiplayer that awaits in the future. We may have to organize a jousting competition over this.

Snappy Dragons Updated

Extensive Studios gave players a little more “snapping” to do in Snappy Dragons earlier this week by adding new levels. Word on the grapevine has it that more worlds, entirely new level sets, and other surprises are in store for all you physics puzzle fans down the road!

Season’s Greetings From The Game Bakers

The Game Bakers, developer of the five-star, fling-happy tour de force that is Squids, were in touch this week to pass this message along to our readers: “Please visit this link to see how the Squid heroes will be spending their holiday under the sea. Santa will be visiting the Squids soon with new holiday helmets, so be sure to check those out in the game if you’ve been playing the iOS version.”

M.U.S.E. Gets a Gameplay Trailer

Here it is, Third-Person Shooter fans, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Lab Rats Studio and Ayopa Games were just in touch to let us know they’ve released the first bona fide gameplay trailer for their upcoming debut, M.U.S.E.! This is a title we’re watching closely here at iFanzine, and no doubt you will be too after you see this. Don’t forget to check out our interview with the developers if you want to find out more!

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