5 Minutes to kill (Yourself) – Review

It’s rare for a game’s title sum up its subject matter as well as 5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself)’s does. You get to do exactly what it says on the tin by assisting your character in committing suicide before the time runs out in this twisted and hilarious title from Adult Swim Games.

Playing as an unnamed office drone, sick to the gills of bureaucracy, the object of the game is to kill yourself in the most inventive ways possible. Handily there’s all manner of deadly objects strewn around the levels to help you in doing so. Staple yourself in the face. Eat urinal cakes. Stick your head in a paper shredder. Dress up as a pinata and let your colleagues beat the bejesus out of you… and so forth. Repeat until dead.

Touch controls are well implemented, and the retro – mostly black and white (and red) – graphics suit the game perfectly. There’s some (sick) fun to be had here, but the game soon betrays its flash roots with a disappointingly brief amount of content. And given that each game plays more or less identically to the last, there’s not much to keep you coming back for more.

Still, if you’ve had the stomach to read this far, then your probably the kind of person who’d love 5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself), but be warned 10 Minutes of Mild Amusement might also be an appropriate title.

iFanzine verdict: 5 out of 10