5 Reasons Why You Need To Download The House of Da Vinci 3

The House of Da Vinci 3 has arrived, bringing to a close one of the best-loved mobile gaming trilogies of the last decade. 

For the uninitiated, the House of Da Vinci games are environmental puzzlers set in the heart of renaissance Italy. They even let you rub shoulders with the original renaissance man himself: the one and only Leonardo. 

The House of Da Vinci 3 sees you once again playing as Giacomo, Leonardo’s long-suffering apprentice. 

Your adventure begins where the last game left off, with a deadly skirmish involving some unhelpful brutes. It ends with a highly dramatic climax, taking in puzzles, contraptions, and time travel along the way.

Here are five reasons why you need to download The House of Da Vinci 3 right now. 

It’s Tailor-Made for Mobile

The House of Da Vinci 3 is a mobile game. That might seem like an obvious point to make, but not all mobile games are actually made for mobile. Even after all these years, a touchscreen is a challenging interface for game designers, upending years of button-based orthodoxy. 

Blue Brain Games has absolutely nailed it, harnessing gestures, swipes, and taps to make it feel as though you’re really there in renaissance Italy, trying to get out of trouble by poking things. 

Everybody Loves It

Ever since the first House of Da Vinci game arrived in 2017, the series has occupied the same stratum of puzzle gaming acclaim as bonafide classics like The Room, The Witness, and Monument Valley.

It’s the real deal, with each of the first two games earning a coveted 4.8 average user rating on the App Store. Those sorts of numbers are reserved for the very best games available, but has The House of Da Vinci 3 managed to keep up the streak?

At the time of writing, it’s sitting on an average user rating of 4.9. So the answer is yes. 

It’s a Premium Game

While free-to-play is a well-established model, and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of IAP-powered fun, we suspect the success of the House of Da Vinci series is at least partly down to its premium status. 

When you buy The House of Da Vinci 3, you buy it once. That’s it. There are no ads butting in every 30 seconds and no artificial microtransaction paywalls holding your fun to ransom. 

As Blue Brain Games said in a recent interview, the game has a “delicate atmosphere and you need to be 100% focused to solve each of the many 3D puzzles and riddles”.  

It Has the Trappings of Success

As befits the grand finale of an acclaimed series, The House of Da Vinci 3 is the most lavish of the three puzzlers. 

Thanks to the success of the first game, and then the even greater success of the second, Blue Brain Games has been able to expand its graphics department exponentially. It shows. The House of Da Vinci 3 is the prettiest, most detailed title in the trilogy. 

Plus, it boasts a soundtrack from “electro-medieval” band Qntal, adding to the rich renaissance atmosphere.

To See How It All Ends

If you’ve already played the previous two House of Da Vinci games, you don’t really need us to spell out why you should play the third. But we will anyway. 

This is the end of the saga. Giacomo’s adventure is coming to an end, and you owe it to yourself to see what happens. 

But you don’t need to have played the previous games to enjoy The House of Da Vinci 3. In fact, Blue Brain Games recommends the unorthodox approach of “starting with The House of Da Vinci 3, moving to the first and second part and replaying the grand finale again”. 

However you approach it, you’re in for a treat.

Download The House of Da Vinci 3 here.