5 Reasons You Need to Take Advantage of the pCloud Black Friday Sale

pCloud, one of the world’s best cloud storage services, is getting in on the Black Friday action this year with some truly astonishing discounts on its flagship Lifetime subscriptions.

From now until November 27th, you can pick up the 500GB Premium Lifetime package for just $139. That’s a 75% discount from its usual $570 price, representing a saving of more than $400. 

The 2TB Premium Plus Lifetime subscription is also discounted by 75%, which means you can buy it for $279 rather than $1,140, saving yourself a cool $900. 

The biggest saving, however, is reserved for the huge 10TB Custom Lifetime plan. Normally priced at $6,000, this vast quantity of storage is currently available for just $890. That’s a discount of 85%, or a saving of more than $5,000.

Clearly those are some eye-popping discounts. But why do you you need a pCloud Lifetime subscription anyway?

This is why.

Bulletproof Security

pCloud uses TLS/SSL encryption to keep your files safe when you transfer data from your devices to the pCloud server.s But that’s just for starters. 

Your files are stored on at least three server locations, in either the EU or the US. Whichever data region you choose, pCloud itself is based in Switzerland and subject to that country’s extremely stringent privacy laws. 

pCloud even offers you the option of boosting your privacy and security with client-side encryption. When you upload your data into a pCloud Crypto folder, not even the company can see your data. 

Great for Artists

One of the things we love about pCloud is the way it has courted artists and musicians with a suite of creator-friendly features. 

pCloud not only boasts a built-in media player for music and video, but it allows you to work with any device that has a digital audio workshop (DAW). And there are no size or speed limits, so you can be as ambitious as you like.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece you can make branded links with pCloud, ensuring you make a good impression when you share your sound library with producers. 

Cross-platform Access and Synchronisation

It pretty much goes without saying that pCloud supports multiple devices. It wouldn’t be much use if it didn’t. 

But pCloud does it better than most, offering a web platform that supports every conceivable device, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and a secure virtual drive for your desktop computer or laptop. 

The mobile app supports Automatic Uploads, too, meaning you can back up your photos and videos instantly without having to lift a finger.

Easy File-Sharing

Another one of pCloud’s strengths is the way it facilitates collaboration with a number of sharing options. 

You can invite other pCloud users to share a private folder, and control their level of access within that folder by letting them View, Edit, or Manage permissions. Naturally, it’s possible to make these changes via the pCloud app or on my.pCloud.com. 

You can also share large files with anybody – even if they don’t have a pCloud account – and send file requests to other users. There’s even the option to host a static HTML website in a public folder. 

Those Lifetime Subscriptions

pCloud’s pioneering range of Lifetime plans is one of the company’s signature achievements. 

Put simply, a Lifetime plan is exactly what it sounds like: access to cloud storage for the entire duration of your natural life for a single one-off payment. 

There are several different tiers available, and Lifetime storage is currently stackable up to 16TB, which is more than enough to hold a lifetime’s supply of photos, videos, documents, and more. 

And right now a Lifetime plan is incredibly good value for money. 
Head to the pCloud Black Friday landing page to check it out.