Featured Image for our news on 7DS New Year's Festival. It features the UR hero [Era's End] Demon King Meliodas.

7DS New Year’s Festival 2024 Has A Bunch Of New Heroes And Events For You!

Just when you think that the New Year celebrations are over, there’s someone still in the mood to party. Wondering what I am talking about? Well, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross just had a major update last week, called 7DS New Year’s Festival 2024 and it’s raining crystals, coins and whatnot! Follow along as we give you a complete lowdown of the events.

New Heroes At The New Year’s Festival

[Era’s End] Demon King Meliodas, the first Starting Grade UR hero, is up for grabs. You can snag him by trying your luck in the New Year Festival 2024 Draw, which features other festival heroes like The Ruler Tyrant Demon King and [Cursed Shackles]Purgatory Meliodas.

Plus, at UR 100, you can score [Pride of Valhalla] Valkyrie Megellda and [Beach Guardian] Blessing of the Earth Diane Grade. You’re getting SSR heroes for sure at 300 and 600 mileages, and snagging [Era’s End] Demon King Meliodas is a done deal at 900 mileages. Want to take a sneak peek at the NY Festival? Here you go!

7DS Grand Cross Events

Tons of events are going down as a part of the 7DS New Year’s Festival. Play the raffle drum and score more than 1,000 Diamonds in the New Year 2024 Lucky Raffle Drum Event. Another event, the Artifact Wish Draw will run till January 29 and lets you collect time crystals and snag any artefact you want.

Take part in the Diamond Perks Event Claim and snag rewards instead of the Diamonds used during the event period. Some other events that you should check out Special Event Boss Battle, Chapter Clear Cheering Event, Solgres Reward Dungeon (Part 1), Power Up Event and Lucky Bag Event.

They have also thrown in the Demon King Battle – Purgatory, where you can snag a Memory Crystal. And a new feature called True Awakening is now available for you. It’s of a higher level than Super Awakening, and you can get there using Memory Crystal, True Awakening Coin and Legendary Seal.

Oh, and you also get Chapter 29, Holy Relics for Mage of Infinity Merlin and Captain Hawk in the game now. 7DS Grand Cross is throwing a special giveaway where you can pocket 300 Diamonds and 300 Super Awaken Tokens. Just punch in the code ‘7DSULTRA’ on the official coupon page and grab 50 SSR Evolution Pendants for free! To know more about the event, head to the official forum of the 7DS New Year’s Festival.

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