7KIdle x Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

Snag Legendary Heroes In The 7KIdle x Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Crossover

Netmarble has another epic crossover in the Seven Knights Idle Adventure. And this time, it’s not another title but a webtoon! Sounds fun already, right? The 7KIdle x Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint crossover has already begun and I can’t wait to give you all the details. Gear up to see your favourite heroes in action!

7KIdle x ORV heroes

Well, following a successful collaboration in December, the latest update is actually the second part of the 7KIdle x Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint crossover. It features four new heroes Junghyeok Yu, Bai Jiao, Sangah Yu and Sage Pooki, out of which the former three are Legendary heroes.

Junghyeok Yu is a melee powerhouse with skills such as Giant Body Transformation that lets him wreck through enemy lines and dish out extra damage to those pesky ranged foes. Plus, he scores the Tiger God Aura buff, making him invincible for a bit after pulling off his killer move.

Sangah Yu is your go-to ranged hero who rocks the Agile Movement buff. When she hits enemies with a critical hit, her attack speed gets a boost, turning her into a total force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

New Missions To Look For

7KIdle x Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint has a special dungeon, the Tara Challenger Pass. Get in there before the 24th of the month to snag the Legendary Hero Tara. New costumes for Yoo Jung-hyuk, Yoo Sang-ah, Bai Jiao and Dokja Kim are up for grabs. Also, look out for the brand-new territory Sage Peak during the crossover.

The crossover also has a bunch of events lined up until January 24th. A rate-up event lets you snag the three legendary heroes Junghyeok Yu, Sangah Yu and Bai Jiao. The Sages’ Carnival Event is dropping the Legendary hero Roro and others, along with a load of goodies. So, get your hands on the game. Grab it from the App Store!

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