A Mass of new Games has Landed on Apple Arcade

If Fantasian wasn’t enough for you, Apple has gone a bit mad and released a whole swathe of new games for Apple Arcade. How many? Like, 30. Some of them are re-polished classics, some of them are new games, and all of them are pretty darn good.

We’ve got sports games, we’ve got action games, we’ve got puzzle games. We’ve got games that are going to keep you entertained for hours on end. What are all these games? Well get ready for a massive list, because we’re about to drop one on you.

  • Backgammon+
  • Blek+
  • Chameleon Run+
  • Checkers Royale+
  • Chess – Play & Learn+
  • Clap Hanz Golf
  • Cut the Rope Remastered
  • Don’t Starge: Pocket Edition+
  • Fantasian
  • Fruit Ninja Classic+
  • Good Sudoku+
  • Mahjong Titan+
  • Mini Metro+
  • Monument Valley+
  • NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition
  • Really Bad Chess+
  • Reigns+
  • Simon’s Cat – Story Time
  • Solitaire by MobilityWare+
  • SongPop Party
  • SpellTower+
  • Star Trek: Legends
  • Sudoku Simple+
  • Taiko no Tatsujin: Pop Tap Beat
  • The Oregon Trail
  • The Room Two+
  • Threes!+
  • Tiny Crossword+
  • Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker
  • World of Demons

Holy moly is that ever a lot of games. And some real gems. The Room 2 is amazing. World of Demons is amazing. Monument Valley is amazing. What a lot of AMAZING games. And all included in your regular Apple Arcade subscription. You’re being spoilt, you really are.

Haven’t heard of Apple Arcade? Well, it’s Apple’s game subscription service. You pay a flat amount every month and get access to a massive (and now even more massive) library of some of the very best games that the mobile world has to offer.