‘Neon Drive’ Gets a Totally Rad New Update

Our primary complaint with Neon Drive (our review) was that the game — despite being excellently crafted — was admittedly rather short, and furthermore was so hard that most people would only ever see a smidgen of the available content. In order to not only make the game longer, but additionally address some of Neon Drive’s accessibility issues as well, Fraoula recently issued an update for their Neon-Infused driving game. The first of these changes would be two brand new levels — plus the promise of a sixth one in the near future — but I won’t be talking about those much, as I haven’t yet reached them at all.

What I will be talking about — however — are the many accessibility improvements that Neon Drive just received, such as much needed checkpoints being added to each and every level (such that failure at the last second doesn’t necessarily mean a total wipe). Further aiding this is that the ad-based continue option now appears far more regularly, meaning you’re now much more likely to be given the choice at a time wherein doing so would actually benefit you. Between these two new additions I was finally able to get past the game’s grueling second course, yet — even if I hadn’t — all of the stages up through track three are now made openly available from the start.

However — for people whom don’t necessarily want Neon Drive to be easier, per se — there’s now three difficulty settings available per track, letting you speed up both the motion — as well as the music — too dizzying levels. Furthermore, these brand new difficulty tiers will even sometimes radically shake up portions of the course with entirely new obstacle patterns, meaning more than just tapping the screen faster will be needed. As a result, trying to get a perfect 300% completion on each course — which requires you to finish them on all three settings — will almost assuredly give even pre-update expert-players a real run for their money.