A Sneak Peek at ‘PUK Shadow and Light’


If you enjoyed Laser Dog’s stylish action puzzler PUK as much as we did (our review), you’ll be happy to hear there’s a major update in the works that will come packing two new gameplay modes, entitled “Shadow” and “Light”, as well as miscellaneous tweaks and improvements to the original game.

According to the folks at Laser Dog, PUK Shadow and Light will be a free update (to existing customers) and is scheduled for release on the 22nd of August, 2013. 

To showcase the unique graphic styles and soundtracks of the new game modes, the developers have released a rather snazzy little Vine demo and a couple of mini ads on YouTube. We’ve embedded the videos below for your viewing pleasure along with accompanying descriptions from Laser Dog’s blog.

Shadow Mode:

Shadow mode is the most extreme way to play PUK, dropping you straight into some of the hardest PUK levels you probably haven’t even seen. The game drops in boss levels earlier, moves just as quickly as the original and feels fantastic. Shadow is a treat for our high scoring fans!

Light Mode:

Light mode has a more comfortable learning curve with more time, easier levels and no black levels. But there’s a twist, If players progress far enough in this mode the game becomes faster than any other version of PUK with time limits becoming extremely tight, it gets pretty nail biting and the sense of loss when you eventually lose is utterly soul destroying!