A Tiny Sticker Tale

A Tiny Sticker Tale, A New Collect ‘Em All-Style Sticker Puzzler Drops On February 28!

Are you looking for new games that are unbelievably cute? Then, I have one for you. A Tiny Sticker Tale is a comfy puzzle game heading our way on iOS devices. Developed by Ogre Pixel and published by Esteban Duran, it drops on February 28 and is priced at $3.99.

In case you don’t know, Ogre Pixel is the developer of Jumper Jon and Lonesome Village. Its new game, A Tiny Sticker Tale, is a simple but engaging puzzler with plenty of stickers to play with. It’s available in more than seven languages.

Do You Want A Tiny Sticker?

A Tiny Sticker Tale is pretty neat because you can turn nearly anything around you into a sticker and have fun with it. The whole idea is to be creative and make up your own stickers. In the game, you’ll be playing as a donkey named Flynn and sorting out various tasks on Figori Island.

Figori Island isn’t just for running around. After you’re done exploring for the day, you can decorate the place with your stickers. You can even change the stuff around you. So, pick up the stickers and figure out where they need to go to help out the locals or fix some problem on the island.

Will You Be Trying It Out?

A Tiny Sticker Tale isn’t a long haul, it’s indeed tiny. It requires only about two hours of playtime. But the cute illustrations and aesthetic colours will keep you coming back for it. It’s a point-and-click puzzle that will make you nostalgic, reminding you of the sticker books you had as a child. If it’s your type, then grab the game from the App Store.

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