[absorb] – Review


An original style arcade game, [absorb] is a simple yet challenging game. With its simple 2D graphics and multicolored components, it’s great to play for just a moment or hours at a time.

The game progresses in levels, each with a different task revolving around its few simple core tasks. Players can have a ball absorbed by its matching colored portal, combine like colored balls to make them bigger and restore lost portals by combining 5 balls of the same color.

Although this sounds simple, I assure you this game quickly becomes a challenge. 
If different colored balls touch or if a ball goes to a different colored portal, the portals start to disappear. If a ball goes into the space that is the absence of a portal, this too makes other portals disappear. As soon as one portal disappears the screen can quickly turn into mayhem as players struggle to ensure that no more portals disappear so that the rest of the level can be completed as swiftly as possible. If all the portals disappear it is game over.
Each level requires different and progressively harder tasks. However after a certain number of levels are complete a freeplay mode is unlocked to leave players striving for higher and higher scores.
The balls are manipulated by a thin string that comes out of them when players tap the ball. These strings help players move the ball along but don’t give the player full control of the ball so that players must master the realistic physics of moving the balls with a thin string.
iFanzine Verdict: [Absorb] provides a unique arcade experience which will keep you entertained while testing your mastery of the game’s own unique physics.
Score: 8 out of 10

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