Hyper Light Drifter

Abylight Studios Has Released Gameplay Footage of Hyper Light Drifter on iOS

Abylight Studios has released gameplay footage of Hyper Light Drifter on iOS and it looks fantastic – very much living up to Abylight’s promise that this is the exact same game, just on mobile.

According to the footage, you slide your thumb on the left of the screen to move and tap on virtual controls on the right to attack, dash, fire your ranged weapon, and interact with stuff.

Hyper Light Drifter Launches July 25 on iOS

Hopefully there’ll be a separate control scheme without buttons though, as we’re not a huge fan of virtual controls. It would be nice to swipe to dash and tap to attack or interact with objects, depending on what’s close.

Either way, we’re very excited for Hyper Light Drifter on iOS – it looks like it will sit very comfortably on the mobile platform.

So head on over to the App Store right now and pre-order it to get 30% off its launch price.