Featured Image for our news on Abyssrium Match. It features a whale, a polar bear, a red fox and a coralite surrounded by vibrant corals and fish.

Abyssrium Match Is A New Candy Crush Saga-Like Underwater Puzzle

Abyssrium Match is a new underwater puzzle adventure by Wemade Play on iOS. It’s quite fish-y with all the colourful fish and vibrant coral activity going down under the sea. Wemade Play has a bunch of cute games to their name, including puzzlers Anipang Blast, BT21 POP STAR and Disney Pop Town! and other casual games like Snoopy Spot the Difference.

What’s Abyssrium Match?

It’s a sequel to Abyssrium Tap Tap Hidden Fish. Abyssrium Match is almost similar to its predecessor, with a match-3 puzzle angle. So, in the beginning, you’ll be greeted by a 1000-year-old blue whale. The whale is in charge of cleaning the ocean and helping it have a flourishing flora and fauna again.

The whale takes the help of a ship, which drops a vacuum-style hose into the ocean and sucks up all the waste material accumulated in the sea. Help the whale by picking up the junk like pet jars, cans and leftovers. Next, you need to wake up the corallite. Match blocks of items, use special gear like anchors or craft bombs to wake it up.

By the way, do you know why the corallite’s been sleeping all these years? Because it’s lonely and has nothing to do. So, instead, it naps and dreams of a vibrant seabed with lively corals and diverse sea creatures. Clear puzzle stages by matching items in a Candy Crush Saga style.

Snag rewards like pearls and decorations like the circus tent whale. As you progress into the game, fill up the corallite’s home back to how it used to be. Which, by the way, means a lot of fish and other sea creatures. Gather a variety of fish, including blue tang, percula clownfish, bronze corydoras, southern lanternfish, copperband butterfly and more.

Is It A Match For You?

AbyssRium Match has eye-catching visuals with tranquil underwater scenes. It’s a blend of puzzle challenges and soothing artwork. And there are a bunch of mini-games, too. If it sounds interesting, grab the game from the App Store.

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