Acclaimed “Tactical Folktale” Howl Is Out Now on iOS and Android

Howl, the acclaimed turn-based strategy game from astragon Entertainment, has made the leap from PC and consoles to mobile. 

Developed by Mi’pu’mi Games, Howl is a “tactical folktale” with an eerie medieval setting and a storyline that introduces the horrifying concept of a “howling plague”.

What’s a howling plague? It’s a highly contagious disease that not only turns its victims into feral, howling beasts, but also infects anyone who hears these spine-chilling howls. 

Mankind’s only hope is a deaf heroine, played by you, who must set out in search of a cure while rescuing stricken villagers and trying to avoid death at the hands of bloodthirsty monsters. 

Gameplaywise, this involves planning up to six steps ahead as you attempt to outmaneuver your enemies in a series of hand-drawn stages. 

There are several different types of creature running amok in the woods and lurking in the shadows, all with their own unique attacks, abilities, and levels of vitality. Some are big and lumbering, some are sleek and quick, but they all have very sharp teeth.

You’ll need to think carefully about how you take them down. 

Fortunately, thinking isn’t the only trick up your sleeve. You also boast a number of abilities, and this number grows as you slay more and more wolves. In time you’ll learn how to Vault, hurl a Smoke Bomb, fire a Piercing Shot, carry out a Shadow Step, and more. 

As you upgrade your skills and acquire new ones, you’ll also unlock additional Action Slots and Undo Round Points, preparing you for the battles ahead. The world map, meanwhile, lets you find secret paths. 

There are 60 levels in Howl, spread over four chapters. Each one is presented in a unique and arresting “living ink” style, a bit like the great Okami. This painterly presentation aims to give you the sense that you’re creating a work of art as you progress through the campaign.

Howl is free to download on mobile, with a small IAP required to unlock the full game. 
Grab it right now on the Google Play Store or the App Store.