Acclaimed TD Game The Battle Cats Is Celebrating its 8th Anniversary with a Huge Event

It’s been eight years since PONOS Corporation unleashed The Battle Cats upon a grateful mobile gaming public. 

To celebrate the game’s coming anniversary, PONOS is holding a huge 8th Anniversary event. It consists of rewards, new content, and some swingeing discounts. 

The event is set to run between September 12th at 11am and October 10th at 10:59am. That might sound like a long time, but when you read how much stuff there is packed into it you’ll wonder why it isn’t longer. 

First up, there’s Dynasty Fest, a limited run of Rare Capsules containing seasonal Uber Rare heroes. We mention this one first because you’ll need to get around to it quickly. Dynasty Fest ends on September 16th at 10:59am.

To take advantage of it you’ll need Cat Food, and thankfully this is in plentiful supply during the event. You can get a ton of it by using your free spin at the Wildcat Slots, winning 777 Cat Food or even more. 

And there are other ways to come by Uber Rare heroes during the 8th Anniversary event. For instance, you can complete the final stage of the Empire of Cats, Chapter 1. 

This will net you a Special Mission reward of a Platinum Ticket, which you can trade for a special Capsule draw. And special Capsule draws, as we all know, result in Uber Rare Cats. 

There’s a huge amount of XP on offer, too. Completing the new Monthly Event All-Stars Grateful Gathering stage will earn you a lazy 30,000,000. You can scoop up even more by finishing a series of Heavenly Tower Cat Citadel stages. 

And that’s everything, right? 

Wrong! There’s too much in the 8th Anniversary event to cover here, but you’ll also find timed expedition areas, login bonuses, an Arena of Honor ranking event, Limited Invasion stages, a new map, and much more. 

Plus, there are discounts, including several limited edition Special Cats that you’ll be able to pick up half price during a series of sales. 

The Battle Cats is available for free right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store – just click here.