Ace Force 2 poster with a character pointing his gun towards viewers. The poster has a dynamic background and the name of the title can be seen in the foreground.

Tencent Maybe Preparing to Release Overwatch-Inspired Ace Force 2 Globally

It appears like Tencent is preparing for the global release of Ace Force 2. According to this post on X (formerly Twitter), the Chinese multinational tech conglomerate has filed for trademarks in Europe and Canada.

Even though the release date for Ace Force 2 is not out as yet, the company has already registered for a Western domain –, which is entirely different from the Chinese domain –

The upcoming game is a sequel to the first-person shooter Ace Force, an original IP resembling the anime-style multiplayer game Overwatch. Even though Ace Force never launched outside of Asia, it quickly rose the charts to become a top earner for Tencent in China.

About Ace Force

Ace Force is a hero-based FPS for mobile. It focuses on cooperation gameplay with a roster of archetypal characters, each possessing a unique set of skills and attributes. Depending on the hero they choose, players can be anything from a mid-range gunner to a long-range sniper or even a healer. Regardless, they must mesh with their team and figure out optimal ways to tackle the battlefield if they want victory.

Drawing Inspiration from Overwatch

Ace Force’s similarities to Overwatch aren’t just conceptual. Many of its core features are slightly reminiscent of Blizzard Entertainment’s now iconic online multiplayer shooter. From unleashing powerful abilities to completing missions on a map, heroes in both games battle each other in climactic fights and certain lores happen to connect these characters.

There is always going to be some overlap when jumping into such a specific genre. However, the sheer number of similarities on display here – from mechanics to cosmetics – is hard to ignore. Despite all the scepticism around popular games being copied, Ace Force is a very impressive-looking smartphone game.

To learn more about the title, you can click here. While you are waiting for its sequel to release globally, you can also check out what Overwatch has to offer. For more updates on the latest iOS games, you can read some of our other news. This Is (NOT!) A Car Club’s Second Episode Is Styled Like 1993 DOOM But Weird!