Action RPG Pascal’s Wager On Sale for the Lowest Price Ever

Pascal’s Wager is probably one of the best action RPGs available from the App Store. It’s gloomy, violent, looks lovely and plays brilliantly. And right now its on sale for the lowest price that it’s ever been.

The game takes its cues from the likes of Dark Souls. The combat is hefty and heavy, the story is one of loss and betrayal, and the palette is built decidedly around the color grey. But it’s a lot of fun too, and there’s a depth to it that plenty of other mobile games lack.

There’s more than 20 hours of game waiting for you, and that’s before you add on the DLC that have been released since the game’s launch. Here’s a trailer.

On top of all of that, there’s also controller support, so you can play with buttons instead of poking the screen. This is a delicious slice of hardcore gaming action, and right now you can pick it up for super cheap.

How super cheap? Pascal’s Wager will set you back just $3.99 while it’s on sale. You can click here to download the game from the App Store. You’ll need 3GB of space, and an iPhone 6s or better to play it.