Activision’s ‘Pitfall!’ Updated With a Plethora of Fan Requested New Features

Activision and The Blast Furnace’s Pitfall! leapt onto the App Store earlier this year to pretty much universal acclaim — no mean feat considering the game was yet another entry into the overdone endless runner genre and a re-imagining of the beloved Atari 2600 classic.

iFanzine’s Clovis L. Dye, Jr. was full of praise when he reviewed Pitfall!, calling the game “a visceral tour de force action packed thrill ride in the vein of an Indiana Jones style escape sequence, executed with an array of simple but highly effective controls.” Not content to rest on their laurels, however, The Blast Furnace have just pushed a new update out the gate that takes fan feedback on-board.

From the press release: “(Pitfall!’s) update comes with new features from fan requests, as The Blast Furnace has been intently listening to fan feedback. Gamers can now choose to start their run from any of their reached checkpoints, either at the title screen or the checkpoint screen. Motorbike handling has been improved for greater responsiveness in addition to UI improvements for the iPhone 4.

Along with various stability improvements, loading times have been reduced and patches now sync across all devices using Game Center. Gamers can also gift Pitfall!™ to friends!”