Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield Out Now on the App Store

Looking for a slick and stylish auto-runner to sink your teeth into over the weekend? Then you’re in luck, because the excellent Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield has just landed on the App Store. And it’s all of those things and more.

The game sees you pelting it down a series of tricky courses, mantling, jumping, sliding and sprinting through a series of color-coded, slow-motion obstacles. You’re also being chased by a futuristic police force. And some drones.

You’ll be smashing through windows, sliding underneath flipping cars and leaping off of rooftops. And you’ll be doing it all to an awesome soundtrack while looking like a complete badass. Here’s a trailer.

As well as the story mode, there’s an endless mode to let you hone your skills, and three different difficulty settings. At the hardest level, you don’t get any slow-down before you get to an object, and that makes for a deliriously frantic tapping experience.

You can click here to download Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield from the App Store right this second. It’s a premium release and it’ll set you back $2.99. We reckon that’s an excellent price for a game that’s going to keep you somewhere close to the edge of your seat whenever you’re playing it.