Aether Gazer poster announcing its upcoming event Crepuscular Cloudsong features characters from the event lining the left and right hand side of the image. The characters to the left have a red aura, and the ones on the right have a blue

Is The Aether Gazer Event “Crepuscular Cloudsong” Skipping Patch Updates?

Aether Gazer, the spellbinding ARPG steeped in anime allure, will soon release a limited-time event for both iOS and Android. Crepuscular Cloudsong will be available for everyone to play on mobile from January 9 to February 19. All we know about the event so far is that it takes place as mist rises over a stream while the sun sets behind a temple and a storm brews.

This announcement is catching up with speculations on the internet over Aether Gazer’s next patch update. While some fans think it will be skipped entirely so Version 2.0 can launch in time to match the game’s release in China, others argue it will simply be moved to a later date.

Players worry that the skipped patch could lead to the loss of their in-game currency and inconsistencies in the storyline. However, one Redditor noted that this patch is a side story and it would drop when the makers deem fit. We sourced this information from Aether Gazer’s vibrant community on Reddit and we are yet to back it up.

About Aether Gazer

Aether Gazer is a futuristic mobile action game. It was developed by Yongshi and published by Yostar. The game transpires in a world where unending warfare causes humanity to surrender its consciousnesses to an artificial intelligence, Gaea. To save humanity, players become administrators in the new realm as they navigate through a complex narrative involving various challenges and intricacies.

Aether Gazer’s immersive gameplay focuses on combat mechanics and strategic decision-making. Players explore their surroundings, engage in battles, and uncover many secrets. With diverse characters, anime-inspired visuals and combative exploration, they are drawn into the game’s engrossing universe.

You can watch its launch trailer right here!

Visit Aether Gazer’s official website to download the game and enjoy it. You can also join its community on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram and YouTube to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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