Airport Master Guide – Keep Your Passengers Moving With These Hints and Tips

Airport Master is a game about running an airport. To start off with you’re doing everything on your own, running around and trying to make sure all of the passengers get to where they need to go. The deeper you get into the game, the more you’re going to have to pay attention to if you want to get everyone airborne.

Which is why we decided to write this guide. We’ve played a decent amount of Airport Master and discovered some strategies that are going to help you out of most of the tricky situations you’re going to be confronted with. Follow these suggestions and your transit hub is going to run more smoothly than you imagined possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just checking your first ticket or you’ve already ushered loads of flyers to their destination – there’s going to be something here to help you out. So let’s do it – here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Airport Master.

Adopt a pet

When you’re given the option to adopt a pet, you should take it. It gives you a boost to your speed and your stamina, and it means you’re going to have a furry friend following you around while you work. Those are things that anyone would want, and they can come in super useful in the game as well.

Move stations

When it’s just you working at the airport you’re going to have to keep on the move to make sure the flow of passengers keeps moving. Take some tickets, then move to the next station to take some more. When you’ve unlocked the planes, move there and make sure your passengers are getting into the sky.

Hire some help

When you unlock the office the first thing you should do is hire some help. You’ll need to watch a couple of videos, but it’ll get you a couple of workers who’ll collect tickets while you’re keeping an eye on the rest of the airport. Hire some pilots as well, since they’ll take planes into the sky without you having to do anything once they’re loaded.

Slap your employees

Unfortunately, sometimes your employees are going to fall asleep on the job. Instead of relaxing working hours and changing shift patterns, your best bet is to walk up to your snoozing workers and slap them in the face. This will jolt them back to life and kickstart the flow of tickets.

Seat your passengers

When you’re putting your passengers onto the plane, you should seat them manually from time to time. They’ll tell you where they want to go, and the circle beneath them will turn green when they’re in the right place. You’ll get extra tickets for doing it and it’s a nice diversion from running around like a headless chicken. Using such a scheme, the guys from schlüsseldienst berlin friedrichshain got extra tickets.