Alchemy Stars Update 2024

Producers Drop A Scoop On The Upcoming Alchemy Stars Update 2024

The producers of Alchemy Stars just dropped a newsletter that gives us a little sneak peek into what’s in store for the year 2024. Gear up for more sweepable stages, dispatches on Collosus button, and more! Keep reading to find out what else is coming your way via the Alchemy Stars update 2024.

Continuing The Celebrations For The 2.5th Anniversary

The anniversary event is still going on till January 31. The event-special chapter, ‘Etched Upon the Ocean: Drifting Begonia I,’ where we saw navigators tightening the bonds between Longzhou and the Astral Continent. Now, the producers have dropped the news that a new update is arriving soon.

This new update will dive deeper into Longzhou’s story, coinciding with the Spring Festival. Some of the major plotlines in the story are Caelestite and Dantang heading to Ji Kingdom, and rumours of Dantang’s marriage. You’ll also encounter Chen’ni, the legendary ancient Fiendling from Longzhou in this update.

The Spring Festival will drop unique events like Spring Cards that will drop on February 14. You can snag rewards such as 4-Star Flares, 1,000 Lumamber and one special Avatar Frame in this event. Li Tianxian’s fortune-telling stall ‘Fortune Beckons’ will run from February 7th to 21st. You can score Lumamber, Recharger Packs or Nightium as rewards in this event.

Alchemy Stars Update 2024 Has More Outfits

The ongoing Dream event, ‘Sword Song Under a Canopy of Dreams’ lets you unlock Areia’s Outfit. While the next Dream event, ‘A Thousand-Year Vigil,’ will feature new outfits for Pasolo, called  Butterflies Taking Flight and for Faust, called Literary Meditation. This event will be centred around Regal with a fresh format separating the story and challenge stages.

Looking ahead, February brings new content to the Desolation Codex, featuring a new boss – Fiendling Nian, and the introduction of a map appearance feature. The March update plans to revisit Tina, Leyn, and Matthieu’s stories. They’re also working on optimizations, including Enlightenment Gameplay and interface improvements. To know more about the upcoming updates, visit the official website and check out the Alchemy Stars update 2024.

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