Featured Image for Alchemy Stars. It features a blue, icy background, depicting the Aurora, and a few characters on the front.

Alchemy Stars Is Celebrating Anniversary 2.5 With The Cerberus!

Alchemy Stars, the strategy RPG, is celebrating its 2.5th anniversary with some rad rewards and events. The F2P game revolves around the conflict between Light and Shadow. If you’re yet to play it, go to the App Store and check the game out.

Anniversary And New Year Gifts

In Alchemy Stars 2.5, The Cerberus are getting new skins! Yep, Patty and Patsy, the mesugaki pups together known as The Cerberus, will be available in the Special Event Book Phase 19. You can grab the free outfit reward for these two sinister gatekeepers from December 20th to January 31st.

You can also snag weapons like the 2 Special Star Flare, 3150 Lumamber units and 10 Avaricious Lachesis Special Star Flare. There’s a Cross Converter Selection Kit that lets you choose an Aurorian from the designated 5-Star Converter Aurorian list to fight alongside you. The list typically includes Faust, Kleken, Pact and Beverly. It’s one of the best utility units for each element when you’re maxed out.

Played Alchemy Stars Yet?

Alchemy Stars is set in Astra, a world inhabited by Aurorians and Caelestites. You don the role of a Caelestite and help Aurorians defeat the invaders known as the Eclipsites. The plot is very character-driven, with every character having his/her own personality that adds to the charm of the game.

The game has a tactical gameplay, so movement and strategy revolve around connecting tiles of the same colour. It gives you ample opportunities to earn premium currency through events, ensuring a good chance to summon new characters.

You get a super speedy 4x battle mode and a quick sweep that takes just a minute for your daily farming. Dive into an immersive dream mode where you can snag six-star and five-star skins for free. Plus, there’s a nifty gacha wishlist system, letting you pick the off-rates you really want.

I hope you’ll grab the Alchemy Stars rewards! Meanwhile, check out our latest story The Dev Team Of BanG Dream! Is Leaving The Girls Band Party.