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Alice Fiction Tier List – All Characters Ranked

If you’ve been looking for the Alice Fiction tier list, then your search ends here. WonderPlanets’ upcoming RPG title, Alice Fiction, is all set to launch this summer. It will be a puzzle-based game featuring an exciting combination of Metaverse and high-speed battles. Like most other RPGs, Alice Fiction will be packed with a vast list of characters.

Having the best champions in your Alice Fiction team will enable you to combat the toughest enemies. However, choosing the best characters is a bit tricky task, especially when there are a plethora of characters to choose from. To save you from this time-consuming process, we have prepared the Alice Fiction tier list ranking all the characters from best to worst.

Alice Fiction Tier List

Alice Fiction Characters Tier List
Image source: WonderPlanets
S-TierLancelot, Hippocrates, Asclepius, Qin Shi Huang, Archimedes, Ushiwakamaru,
A-TierMusashi, Amadeus, Wang, Nietzsche, Joan, Longinus, Hercules,
Summer Lovin’ Andromeda, Faust, Goethe, Kanryusai
B-TierPygmalion, Hannibal, Perseus, Nightingale, Viviane, Kojiro, Wang, Robin Hood,
Jack the Ripper, Sharizotan, Michaelangelo, Kenshin, Eurystheus, Summer Vacation Andersen
C-TierCleopatra, Salieri, Achilles, Antoinette, Benkei, Captain Drake, Neu,
Gilles, Galen, Wayland

The above tier list is based on the rarity ratings provided by the developers. We’ll update this list once the game officially releases for Android and iOS platforms.

How many characters are there in Alice Fiction?

Alice Fiction characters list
Image source: WonderPlanets

Alice Fiction has overo 20 characters so far that are further classified into different roles. The list of characters will expand with future updates.

Character List

  • Lancelot
  • Hippocrates
  • Asclepius
  • Qin Shi Huang
  • Archimedes
  • Ushiwakamaru
  • Mathers
  • Musashi
  • Amadeus
  • Wang
  • Nietzsche
  • Joan
  • Longinus
  • Hercules
  • Summer Lovin’ Andromeda
  • Faust
  • Goethe
  • Kanryusai
  • Pygmalion
  • Hannibal
  • Perseus
  • Nightingale
  • Viviane
  • Kojiro
  • Wang
  • Robin Hood
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Sharizotan
  • Michaelangelo
  • Kenshin
  • Eurystheus
  • Summer Vacation Andersen
  • Cleopatra
  • Salieri
  • Achilles
  • Antoinette
  • Benkei
  • Captain Drake
  • Neu
  • Gilles
  • Galen
  • Wayland

The tier list we’ve prepared above is classified into the following five divisions:

Alice Fiction S-Tier

These are the most powerful and beloved characters of the game. Highly advise pulling these characters as they boast the best abilities, strengths, and skills in the game.

Alice Fiction A-Tier

They are usually the powerful characters in the game. They can easily outperform many other units. However, they are not suitable as S-tier characters in terms of overall skills.


They are regarded as the “above average” characters who often support the team and watch the back.


They are characters with a serious lack of skills and abilities. As a result, they can’t compete with most units.


These are the worst units of the game and the ones you should avoid picking up. These characters are incapable of performing well on the field.

Alice Fiction Reroll Guide

The process of performing a reroll in Alice Fiction is still unknown. However, there’s some good news for the game fans regarding the character pulling system. WonderPlanets have announced that if they hit the 1M pre-registrations, they will start the game with 40 pulls (or 50 pulls if we count the tutorial one where a 3★ is always guaranteed), so you will be able to reroll to your heart’s content.

We’ll update this section once we have any official intel.

That concludes our comprehensive beginner’s guide for the Alice Fiction Tier List. Make sure you check out other guides and walkthroughs for other games at iFanZine. Also, check out our wiki page for Alice Fiction for additional information.