Alien Creeps TD Turns 6 with a 6-Week, 6-Boss Birthday Event

Happy birthday to Alien Creeps TD. Outplay’s acclaimed tower defense hit has been dominating the genre since 2014, and the game is celebrating its sixth year on the app stores with a six-week event bonanza. 

On the off-chance that you haven’t yet experienced Alien Creeps TD, it’s a polished, arcadey tower defense title in which you need to repel waves of aliens. These invaders march into the screen and along set paths while your towers, heroes, and infantry squads patiently mow them down. 

To mark six years on the front line, Alien Creeps TD is holding an event that will be six weeks long, starting on May 25th and ending on July 6th. Throughout the event you’ll encounter six specially created bosses. And if you like a bargain, you’ll also spend some of that time hoovering up discounts and bundles.

The bosses you’ll meet include the Gunker (May 25th – June 1st), who drenches towers in sticky spit to reduce their destructive power, the Phantom Tank (June 1st – 8th), who can vanish at will, and the Buckler (June 8th – 15th), which hides in a shell of armor before its life runs out, making it near-impossible to kill.

The second half of the event will seeing you coming up against the Glutton (June 15th – 22nd), who consumes friendly creeps to heal itself, the Mender (June 22nd – 29th), who wears a suit that can heal the creeps in its vicinity, and Dyna-Mite (29th June – 6th July), which explodes when it dies, damaging your infantry and heroes. 

Of course, it’s worth checking Alien Creeps TD out even if you’ve missed this generous six-week window, or you’re reading this before the event begins. 

There are a load of levels to enjoy, three modes, a vast battery of towers, heroes, and units to unlock and upgrade, 58 two-minute challenges to complete, and more. One feature we like in particular is the option to let others help out with Airstrikes and Reinforcements.

You can download Alien Creeps TD for free on Google Play and the App Store right now by clicking here.