All About Era of Conquest and Its Hollywood Global Ambassador Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch, star of Sherlock, The Power of the Dog, and countless other hit movies and TV shows, has just landed a new role as global ambassador for Era of Conquest. 

Perhaps best-known for playing Dr Strange in the Marvel movies, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the most acclaimed and popular actors of his generation, with a trophy cabinet creaking with awards and two of the most recognisable cheekbones on the planet. 

His involvement with Era of Conquest is a massive deal for a franchise that you’ve probably never heard of. 

Don’t worry. You will.

While Era of Conquest is yet to arrive on international shores, it’s a straight-up blockbuster in its native China, with three years of development under its belt and millions of dedicated fans. 

Developer 4399 Games is clearly confident that it can replicate this success worldwide, recruiting the megawatt star power of Benedict Cumberbatch to drive the point home.

The Hollywood A-lister plays the part of an enigmatic time traveller, crossing paths with a diverse array of historical generals and world cultures while exploring the continent of Terra. 

His quest: to bring order to the chaos.

Set to launch on October 27th, Era of Conquest is currently running a huge pre-registration campaign to get as many players on board as possible. Before we run through the pre-registration rewards, here’s a bit more about the game.

Era of Conquest is a hugely ambitious cross-platform strategy title involving multiple civilisations and a vast 120x120km open-world map. 

Gameplay-wise, it sees you picking a civilisation, forging alliances with other players, recruiting special troops, conducting sieges, using buffs, and much, much, MUCH more.

You’ve seen all this before, of course, but what sets Era of Conquest apart is the sheer quality of its execution. 4399 Games has pulled out every stop, showcasing new SRP technology capable of rendering detailed 3D graphics.

DOTS technology, meanwhile, lets Era of Conquest support as many as 6000 units in a single battle, allowing for some truly epic sieges and skirmishes. 

The truly global range of civilisations on offer is another high point, letting you pick from cultures as diverse as Rome, Korea, France, China, Britain, Japan, and others. There are nine in total, all rendered in faithful detail. 

Plus, conscripting troops in Era of Conquest is free and automatic, ruling out the possibility of pay to win. The only path to victory is through sound strategy and ingenious battlefield tactics. 

Basically, Era of Conquest stands head and shoulders above most of its competition in the strategy genre. 

And, thanks to a generous pre-registration campaign, now is the right time to get involved. 

At the time of writing, Era of Conquest has racked up an impressive 2,684,038 pre-registrations, with 34,687 plumping for Britain, 41,864 for Arabia, and 52,936 for Rome, among other civilisations. 

That means the first two milestones have been surpassed, unlocking 50 Gems and a Soldier Soul Stele. At 3 million pre-registrations, everybody gets an S-Skill Chest, and at 4 million they get a General Soul Stele. 

At 5 million, everybody gets the chance to win an iPhone 15 Pro Max X4, a PS5, a Nintendo Switch, or a $20 Amazon Gift Card. There are 50 prizes available overall. 

Era of Conquest will be available in 83 countries when it lands on October 27th, and you’ll be able to download it for free on the App Store, Google Play, App Gallery, and PC. So make sure you pre-register right now.