All the Mobile Titles That Player1games Has Released on MacOS

Player1games has been busy. We told you as much earlier this year when we said that it was “catering for every word game player with The Linguist series.

But now its catering for a whole range of new players by bringing several of its titles to MacOS as well – and as an Apple dedicated fansite this is something we absolutely love to see.

The Linguist series of word puzzlers and the Mathletix series of educational titles for children have both received the Mac treatment, meaning you can now play them on a big screen using a keyboard and mouse.

First up, player1games has added keyboard support for The Linguist: Word Sprint!, the latest entry in the franchise. 

It’s a test of how many words you know, but also how quickly you can think them up. You start with a small set of starting letters, and the longer the words you can find the more seconds you get back. 

As the game unfolds, it introduces extra letters, giving you a reason to be tactical about your choices. Making sure you don’t use certain words too early is key, as you can end up blocking your own progress if you don’t think things through.

Sometimes, it’s worth waiting to clear a word when there’s a chance that you’ll be able to clear an even better word if the right letter comes up. 

There’s a sprint mini-game, too, and this is where keyboard support comes in handy—as long as your reactions and your vocabulary can keep up with your lightning fingers. 

You can – and should – download The Linguist: Word Sprint! on mobile or Mac. 

Next up, Mathletix, player1games’s colorful, accessible introduction to the world of math.

Over the course of this year player1games has added three new variants to the series, which now consists of Division, Time Teller, Money, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction, with yet another one in the works.

The whole series is now playable on Mac, giving kids the welcome opportunity to learn on a computer as well as a phone. It’s great to see these games accessible to as many people as possible, and we’d recommend you get involved in them right now if you haven’t already.

You can buy each Mathletix title separately or in one of two money-saving bundles. Check it out right now on Android, iOS, and Mac