Alterna Welt: Blue Exorcist Gaiden protagonist Yukio Okumura gets ready to shoot with guns in both hands

Alterna Welt: Blue Exorcist Gaiden Announces Summer 2024 Release

The 3D action RPG Alterna Welt: Blue Exorcist Gaiden will release for iOS, Android, and PC in the summer of 2024. Aniplex made the exciting announcement at the Jump Fest event last weekend. Even though a date is not yet set, the game is ready to launch in Japan. Hopefully, it will roll out globally after this launch.

The new ARPG invites players into the captivating universe of the popular Blue Exorcist franchise. With its summer release in the pipeline, fans of the series can now visit the game’s official website to pre-register and stay updated on the latest developments.

About Alterna Welt: Blue Exorcist Gaiden

If you’re not familiar with the Blue Exorcist franchise, it is a dark fantasy manga series by mangaka Kazue Kato. It follows the story of Rin Okumura, a teenager who discovers that he is the son of Satan. Along with his twin brother Yukio, who has also inherited satanic powers, Rin decides to become an exorcist and fight against his demonic heritage.

The manga has also been adapted into an anime series and film, leading to a fanbase both in Japan and internationally.

Now the game will follow the narrative of the original series as players embark on an adventure through True Cross Academy Town. With an immersive gameplay, Alterna Welt: Blue Exorcist Gaiden boasts a wholly original narrative complemented by Kazue Kato’s character designs. Rin and Yukio join a cast of playable characters for an engaging experience that expands upon the series’ premise.

Blending Gameplay With Storytelling

From the participatory video shared by its makers, we get a glimpse of what’s in store. With brilliant graphics and visual effects, the game showcases itself from a 3rd person perspective. For fans of the successful franchise, the new title will offer a unique blend of storytelling and gameplay. This is what makes Alterna Welt an exciting addition to the Blue Exorcist universe.

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