Alto’s Adventure Remastered Out Now on Apple Arcade

Last year, a revamped version of Alto’s Odyssey landed on Apple Arcade. This year it’s the turn of the original – and arguably the best – game in the series to get some spit and polish and a new chance to shine on Apple’s subscription service.

If you haven’t played the game before, it’s about snowboarding down an endless mountain. There’s a relaxing flow to the experience, but it also offers enough challenge to keep you nicely engaged. And it’s got llamas in it.

This Apple Arcade version features a new collection of set pieces that will allow you to unlock a brand new, never-before seen playable character as well. Here’s a trailer for the game’s original release.

There are also a new set of challenges that you can only complete once you’ve unlocked the new character, who has some special trick abilities that you’re going to need to accomplish the goals. You can import your progress from the original to continue where you left off as well.

You can click here to download Alto’s Adventure Remastered from the App Store right this second. You’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to play this one, but if you’ve already got one it’s well worth diving back into Alto’s gorgeous world.