Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City Launch Date Confirmed

A couple of weeks ago we told you that there was a new Alto’s Odyssey game coming to Apple Arcade. Well, now we’ve got some more information about the game to impart, including when it’s set to land on Apple’s subscription gaming service.

It’s all thanks to a new trailer for the game, which we’re going to embed below. It doesn’t reveal much, other than the fact that the game is launching on July 16th. Which, if our calendar is right, is the end of this week. Awesome.

We’ll let you watch the trailer now, which you’ll find below this paragraph. There’s not much to it, but there’s probably enough to get you excited about the game. Which is sort of the point of trailers, if you think about it.

We’re massive fans of the Alto’s games here at iFanzine, so it’s great to see that another one is on the way. The other games in the series offer up some of the best auto-running on the App Store, and this one looks set to do the same.

For more information on the game, click here to check out Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City’s App Store listing. Will you be playing the game when it comes out at the end of the week. We will, for one hundred percent sure. And not just because it’s our job to do things like that.