‘Alto’s Odyssey’ Won’t Arrive This Summer After All

So here’s some sad news. Snowman announced today that Alto’s Odyssey, their keenly awaited sequel to Alto’s Adventure, won’t hit its intended summer 2017 release date.

The following is a snippet from a statement Snowman posted to their blog explaining the hold up: “As a small studio striving to make sure everything we release is lasting and artful, we’re firm believers that much of what makes an experience magical lies in the little touches. The care and polish provided to make sure people are truly delighted. On that note, we’re announcing today that Alto’s Odyssey is going to take a little while longer to bring to life.”

You know what? That’s cool with me. I mean, sure, I’m disappointed that I’m going to have to wait a little longer to get my paws on Alto’s Odyssey, but it’s hard to argue with Snowman’s reasoning for delaying the launch. Alto’s Adventure is an amazingly polished and entertaining game, and it would be an awful shame if they rushed out a sloppy sequel that fell short of expectations.

Source: Touch Arcade