‘An Octave Higher’ Coming Soon from the Makers of the ‘Sage Fusion’ Series


The city of Overture — a place very similar to Earth’s own 19th Century towns — is experiencing an industrial revolution, yet their mechanization is one that has no need of steam or coal. Overture exists in a world where nearly every human is gifted by a pair of magical fields: Courage (Fire), Faith (Wind), Intelligence (Water), Willpower (Earth), and Compassion (Healing). The recent industrial revolution was brought forward by the discovery — some thirty years earlier — that machines could be built that embodied these facets, and thus automate the casting of any spells that were derived from those traits.

Well, every trait except for Compassion that is.

aoh_eliseThis advancement has quickly led to a large societal divide: between an upper class of Bourgeoisie that enjoy the many benefits that these new machines have brought to man, and a poor Proletariat that endlessly toils away to construct these wondrous new devices. Rather than concerning themselves with the problems of the underpaid working class — that is rapidly growing restless — Overture’s scholars are instead occupied with further advancing their science, which means learning how to build even better magic machines. Sadly, this overall lack of regard towards their plight — and the constantly worsening conditions that accompany it — have all started fanning the flames of rebellion amongst the Proletariat, leading to the creation of a violent activist group known as the Libertad.

Thus begins the world premise to An Octave Higher, a Visual Novel from Kidalang — the same Indonesian team that previously brought the critically acclaimed Sage Fusion series to mobile users everywhere — which has apparently been in development for a while now. The game follows a magical researcher — named Franz Byron, gifted in Intelligence and Faithfulness — whom is desperately try to discover why Healing magic can neither aid non-living things, nor be casted by them, in order to better empower doctors everywhere. His true adventures, however, receive a major kick start when a trip to a factory causes him to bump into a Proletariat Girl — named Elise Shelley, gifted with Courage and Compassion — just as she attempts to repair a damaged piano by means of a Healing spell.

The entire story is claimed to comprise over 100,000 words — which have already been written — with only programming and artwork still needing to be finished, after which Kidalang will release their next gaming masterpiece to PC and Mobile users everywhere. If Sage Fusion: The Phantom of Liberty (our review) and Sage Fusion 2: Children of Deceit (our review) are any indicators to go by, then you can be sure that those 100,000 words will be chock full of political intrigue — shocking secrets to unravel — and a plethora of interpersonal drama. You can furthermore be absolutely sure that we here at iFanzine will be there to cover An Octave Higher when it finally launches sometime early next year, as its really no secret that we’re all quite massive fans of Kidalang’s previous works.