Ancients Reborn is a True Open World Sandbox MMORPG on Mobile

Do you ever hanker for the good old days when MMORPGs didn’t just play themselves? Where the only goal was to get together with your friends and do whatever the heck you felt like in the moment? Well, so does Xisle Games, developer of Ancients Reborn.

This brand new mobile MMORPG harkens back to those glory days, providing you with a shot of MMORPG nostalgia. It features a massive open world to explore and make your own. You can go it alone, completing quests and levelling up, or team up to take on challenging dungeons.

Or, you can forgo all of that combat stuff and just make the big bucks. Much like in RuneScape, you can increase a variety of different skills, like blacksmithing, woodcutting, or fishing. During the process, you can collect resources that you can turn into useful equipment or items, selling them in the marketplace.

There’s a huge, player-driven economy, with a marketplace, banking system, and even player shops all contributing. As we suggested earlier, if you’re not the fighting type, you can live the life of an NPC and just run your own business. It doesn’t get more sandbox than that.

If you like making animal friends in MMORPGs, there’s stuff for you too. You can unlock a series of mounts, swapping between them at will. There’s also a wide variety of pets to bring with you into battle.

Suffice to say, if you’re a fan of either of the RuneScapes or Albion Online but fancy something a little new, then you really should check out Ancients Reborn. It’s a full-blown nostalgia-fest.
If you’re in, head on over to Google Play or the App Store to grab it. It’s entirely free, so there’s no cost in checking it out.