Key art from Roblox game Anime Clash. A range of anime characters are shown standing against a black background.

Anime Clash Tier List – Every Character, Ranked!

Much like Anime Last Stand before it, Anime Clash features a vibrant cast of anime characters. In our Anime Clash tier list, we’ll help you sort the best from the rest.

Anime Clash is a new anime-based game on the Roblox platform. It sees you collecting beloved characters like Goku and Naruto, and ultimately building an army to vanquish your foes. There are a lot of characters to choose from, which can be intimidating for a new player. Thankfully, our tier list is here to lend a hand.

You can try out Anime Clash via Roblox. If you want more great anime content, check out our Anime Last Stand Saitama guide.

Complete Anime Clash Tier List

The following is our full tier list for the Units of Anime Clash. It’s worth noting that these rankings are based purely on the stats of each Unit. This is because details on Unit Classes, special abilities etc. are not currently available. As the game evolves and more information is released, we’ll update this list to reflect the changing meta.

S Tier

Unit NameRarityUnit ClassCostDamageSpeedRange
Bald BoyCommonRunner¥301001.550,000
Strongest OneMythicRanger¥17501001.550,000
King of CursesMythicHybrid Ranger¥100101.5150
Demon KingMythicRanger¥1101.5150

A Tier

Unit NameRarityUnit ClassCostDamageSpeedRange
Ape PrinceCommonRunner¥151001.530
Beast BoyEpicRunner¥5001001.550,000

B Tier

Unit NameRarityUnit ClassCostDamageSpeedRange
TrafulgarLegendarySpecial Ranger¥850101.525
Excalibur ExMythicRunner¥500151.5150

C Tier

Unit NameRarityUnit ClassCostDamageSpeedRange
Robot GilgameshMythicRanger¥750101.5150
Love ZamayotoMythicSummoner¥2500101.5150
BerserkerMythicHybrid Ranger¥600151.560

D Tier

Unit NameRarityUnit ClassCostDamageSpeedRange
Crimson EmperorLegendaryRunner¥700101.580