Feature image for our Anime Crossover Defense Artifact tier list which shows the artifact shop in game with multiple glass cases holding artifacts inside. The floor in front of an artifact case by the desk is glowing

Anime Crossover Defense Artifact Tier List

This Anime Crossover Defense Artifact Tier List ranks every Artifact from best to worst based on its unique power. Whilst some Artifacts work better with certain units over others, this tier focuses primarily on the base stats!

Almost all units can enjoy a huge buff if the right Artifact is applied making the choice for the correct one key to longevity. Artifacts are a unique item which requires Orbs to craft, however, they aren’t guaranteed to be made. All Artifacts are good in their own respect, but some are better than others.

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Anime Crossover Defense Artifact Tier List (May 2024)

Less yapping, more ranking!


OP! These Artifacts host huge benefits and buffs. With these applied to a good unit, you’ll destroy your opps in no time.

  • Divine Eye
  • Eternal Eye
  • Black Notebook
  • Uta Uta no Mi
  • Vampire Mask


Great alternatives if you’re struggling to craft one of the S-Tier Artifacts. These host great possibilities, but are shy from being the best.

  • Hollow Mask
  • Stand of a Hero’s Hair
  • Philosopher’s Stone
  • Key of Kings (Bab-Ilu)
  • Hogyoku


Average Artifacts. They’re decent, and offer something useful, but aren’t overly beneficial. Overall have a few niche uses, so not the worst.

  • Cursed Finger
  • Dragon Radar
  • Hat of the CEO
  • Nimbus


Weaker Artifacts. Those in this rank are better than nothing but aren’t good long-term choices.

  • There are currently no C-Tier Artifacts. Mainly because all Artifacts are better than being considered Weak. Anything is better than nothing!


I would not recommend these Artifacts…

  • There are currently no D-Tier Artifacts. At least all your options are better than the absolute worst!