the image shows my avatar rushing towards large grey goblin like foes who all hold hammers in their hands. Behind my avatar is a Sanji unit who rushes after her to aid in combat

Anime Dungeon Fighters Weapons Tier List – March 2024

Sure having a capable hero is important, but you also need to hold your own which is why I made this Anime Dungeon Fighters Weapons Tier List! My tier ranks each weapon from best to worst so you know which to equip when heading into your next dungeon crawl.

Anime Dungeon Fighters does exactly what it says on the tin! You can enlist heroes from other anime franchises to help you in increasingly difficult dungeons. Complete quests, destroy bosses, get awesome loot!

You can check out Anime Dungeon Fighters on Roblox. For more Anime Dungeon Fighters, check out our other Anime Dungeon Fighters Tier List which ranks each hero!

Anime Dungeon Fighters Weapons Tier List

Alright so you know the drill (If you have been here before that is) that my tier lists are subjective! Each to their own in other terms. My playstyle will certainly differ from yours and as this is a list I’ve created it’s based entirely on my personal opinion which you may disagree with (which is OK!). I do hope my tier list was at least a little helpful in choosing your best-suited weapon though!


The best of the best! These weapons are incredibly OP and can carry you through the dungeons. Plus, they’re a lotta fun to use.

  • Iron Gloves
  • Machete+
  • Phoenix Reckoner
  • Dragonheart Broadsword
  • Eternal Sunblade


Strong, just not the best. These weapons fall short of being classed as overpowered, but they still hold their own.

  • Oil Gloves
  • Oil Sword
  • Oil Pistol
  • Lover Nichirin
  • Whelks Pistol
  • Soulshard Claymore
  • Twilight Shiverblade
  • Soulfire Katana
  • Voidrend Sabre


Mid, average weapons that just about get by. They’re decent for a while but won’t aid you in reaching your peak.

  • Dust Punch
  • Sonic Nichirin
  • Spectral Ghostblade
  • Blood Sword
  • Embersteel Saber
  • Northpiece Autogun
  • Celestial Edge
  • Vajra Gloves


Onto the weaker tiers, these weapons are better suited to early-game players but aren’t great as soon as you’re past the initial beginner stages.

  • Evil Eyes
  • Curse Punch
  • Beginner Gloves
  • Spell Sword
  • Ninja Sword
  • Ninja Gloves
  • Rapid Charger
  • Spell Pistol


Would not recommend these weapons at all.

  • Beginner Sword
  • Beginner Pistol
  • Ninja Pistol