The Curse King (Suppressed) Unit from Roblox game Anime Last Stand/ It's name is written at the top, and it's rarity, Mythic, below. In the background, two characters are sitting on stools at a bar.

Anime Last Stand Sukuna Guide – How To Get, How To Evolve, And More!

In addition to many other famous faces, Anime Last Stand features Sukuna, JuJutsu Kaisen’s infamous King of Curses. He’s one of the better Units in the game, and this guide will teach you everything you need to know about him.

Anime Last Stand is a Tower Defence game starring iconic characters from a range of popular anime series. It tasks you with building up a squad of 6 Units, and deploying them tactically to survive a constant onslaught of enemies. Sukuna is one of the most powerful Units you can bring to bear. In addition, he’s also the first, and currently only, Unit in the game with an evolved form. We’ll be covering him in-depth below.

Anime Last Stand is available to play on Roblox. For more tips on assembling the perfect squad of six, check out our Anime Last Stand Tier List.

How To Get Sukuna In Anime Last Stand

The Unit Summoning menu from Roblox game Anime Last Stand.

Before we go any further, there’s an important clarification to make. While the original character the Unit we’ll be discussing here is based on is called Sukuna, and while the Anime Last Stand community may refer to it as Sukuna, the actual in-game name for the Unit is Curse King (Suppressed). This is important to keep in mind, lest you end up confused in broader discussions of the game. That said, we will continue to refer to the Unit as Sukuna for the remainder of this guide.

Sukuna, like every other Unit in Anime Last Stand, can be acquired via the game’s gacha system. You can access this by approaching the bar in the hub area labelled ‘Summon.’ Once in, you’ll be able to summon Units in exchange for Emeralds, at a rate of 50 Emeralds per character summoned. You can also summon 10 Units at once for 500 Emeralds, which saves time if not money.

Each time you visit the Summon bar, you’ll find a different set of Units up for grabs, shown on the banner that appears on screen. Sukuna won’t always be available here, but when he is you’ll see him in the ‘Mythic’ box on the right. Thanks to his Mythic rarity, you’ll have a 0.5% chance to receive Sukuna each time you Summon when he’s available. This means it’ll take, on average, 200 summons before you get Sukuna by rolling randomly, though once you hit 250 you’ll get him guaranteed thanks to the Mythic Pity system.

How To Evolve Sukuna In Anime Last Stand

Once you’ve lucked out and claimed a Sukuna for yourself, get him added to your team and levelled up ASAP. He’s one of the better Units in the game, and will serve you well. Unlike the other Units in the game, though, you can take Sukuna one step further by evolving him.

To do this, you’ll need to gather 12 Cursed Finger items. You can get your hands on these by completing Challenges, accessible via the Challenges section in the hub area’s cave. Each time you finish a Challenge, you have a 30% chance to receive a Cursed Finger as a reward, meaning you’ll need to work your way through a lot of these to collect the 12 required.

Once your grim scavenger hunt is complete, you’re ready to evolve Sukuna. Open your Units menu via the button on the right, click on Sukuna, then click on the ‘Evolve’ button in the drop-down that appears. This will only be visible if you have the 12 Cursed Fingers necessary. Click ‘Evolve’ in the menu that appears, and your Sukuna will ascend into his second form, known simply as Curse King. Sukuna’s stats are much higher In this form, making him even more of an asset to your team.