the image shows my avatar stood beside the Yuta NPC who oversees the technique roll area.

The BEST Anime Last Stand Techniques Tier List

Not all techniques are created equal, which is why I created this Anime Last Stand Techniques Tier List. My tier list ranks all the possible techniques you can roll for, so you know which are the best from the worst. Techniques are a passive ability which you can apply to your units for an extra boost during gameplay.

Anime Last Stand is a Tower Defense game on the Roblox platform, in which you gather your favourite characters and fend off wave after wave of ruthless enemies. There are so many options to choose from that it’s hard to know where to start, especially early on!

You can play Anime Last Stand via Roblox right now. If you need a little extra cash in the game, check out our complete list of Anime Last Stand codes. Plus don’t forget our regular Anime Last Stand Tier List.

Anime Last Stand Techniques Tier List

Whilst a lotta love has gone into making this, It’s worth reminding you that tier lists are entirely subjective. These rankings are based on my play style, so you may not agree with my choices from best to worst and that is OK! I hope my tier list was insightful regardless of opinions.


OP techniques! If you roll for one of these you are pretty much set. These techniques are incredibly versatile and useful.

  • Overlord – +275% DMG, +75% Crit DMG, +15% Range, -27.5% SPA, 1 Placement Limit
  • Avatar – +35% DMG, +15% Range, -%5 SPA, 1 Placement Limit, 2x DOT Duration, 2.5x DOT DMG
  • All Seeing – +15% DMG, +55% Range, +35% Crit Chance, -10% SPA, +80% Crit DMG
  • Shinigami – +35% DMG, +10% Range, +50% Crit DMG, -15% SPA


Great alternatives since you’re more likely to get one of the A-Tier techniques than the S-Tier ones. These techniques are great to have so don’t sleep on them just because they’re not S-Tiers!

  • Demi-God – +20% DMG, +10% Range, -5% SPA
  • Vulture – +25% Range, +15% Crit DMG, +25% Crit Chance, -5% SPA
  • Cosmic – +10% DMG, +10% Range, -10% SPA
  • Elemental Master


Average techniques which offer a few niche uses. Ideal if you’re early-game and struggling to roll for better.

  • Entrepreneur – +15% DMG, +10% Range, +35% Money, -5% SPA
  • Juggernaut – +12.5% DMG, -2.5% SPA
  • Hyper Speed – -12.5% SPA
  • Eagle Eye
  • Golden
  • Hyper Speed
  • Shining
  • Scoped 3
  • Accelerate 3
  • Sturdy 3


Not great options, but not entirely the worst.

  • Accelerate 2
  • Scoped 2
  • Sturdy 2


Unlucky! You may as well have no technique as these are poor options.

  • Accelerate 1
  • Scoped 1
  • Sturdy 1