A character from the Roblox game Anime Last Stand. They're standing in front of a man in a pink circle, with the word 'Techniques' floating over his head. To his left, right, and rear are three small versions of popular anime characters.

Anime Last Stand Techniques Guide – How To Get, Rarity, And More!

In Anime Last Stand, it’s not enough just to have the rarest, most powerful Units: you need to make sure they’re properly equipped, too. If you’re not sure how to do this, then our Anime Last Stand Techniques guide is for you.

Anime Last Stand is a Tower Defence game available to play on Roblox. It tasks you with assembling a crack squad of Units from across anime history, and using them to hold off waves of foes. There are many variables that go into a successful team, one of which being their equipped Techniques. This guide will teach you what they are, how to get them, and which ones are the best.

You can play Anime Last Stand via Roblox. For more top team-building tips, check out our Anime Last Stand Tier List.

Anime Last Stand Techniques Guide

What Are Techniques?

In Anime Last Stand, Techniques are passive abilities that each of your Units can have. Each increases one of the Unit’s stats by a different amount. For example, the Sturdy 1 Technique increases a Unit’s damage by 5%, while the Shining Technique increases the Money generated by the Unit by 10%.

How Can I Get Techniques On My Units?

A screenshot of the Technique Reroll menu from Roblox game Anime Last Stand.

Your new Units don’t come with Techniques by default, so to take advantage of the system you’ll need to put a little work in. In the main hub, north-east of the starting spawn location, you’ll find a small area labelled ‘Techniques.’ Enter the circle around this area, and you’ll be able to apply Techniques to your Units.

To do this, click on the box on the left to choose a Unit, then click the ‘Reroll’ button below to roll a random Technique for them. If they already have a Technique, the previous one will be overwritten. This process requires one Technique Shard each time. These can be received as quest rewards, bought with Robux, or gained by redeeming certain Anime Last Stand codes.

Full List Of Techniques

Now that you know how they work, let’s go over the Techniques themselves. At time of writing, there are 24 Techniques in Anime Last Stand, spread across 5 different rarities. The following is a complete list of all of them, including your chances of rolling them via the Technique gacha system.

Rare Techniques

  • Accelerate 1 – 10% drop rate
  • Accelerate 2 – 7% drop rate
  • Scoped 1 – 12% drop rate
  • Scoped 2 – 9% drop rate
  • Sturdy 1 – 10% drop rate
  • Sturdy 2 – 7% drop rate

Epic Techniques

  • Sturdy 3 – 4% drop rate
  • Scoped 3 – 5% drop rate
  • Shining – 9% drop rate
  • Accelerate 3 – 4% drop rate

Legendary Techniques

  • Eagle Eye – 4% drop rate
  • Hyper Speed – 3% drop rate
  • Elemental Master – 2% drop rate
  • Golden – 3.5% drop rate
  • Juggernaut – 3% drop rate

Mythic Techniques

  • Demi-God – 1% drop rate
  • Vulture – 2.25% drop rate
  • Diamond – 1.75% drop rate
  • Cosmic – 1% drop rate

Celestial Techniques

  • Avatar – 0.1% drop rate
  • Entrepreneur – 0.3% drop rate
  • Overlord – 0.2% drop rate
  • Shinigami – 0.2% drop rate
  • All Seeing – 0.35% drop rate