A character from Roblox game Anime Last Stand. To their left, right, and rear are three Units, small versions of popular anime characters. In the background, a rocky cave.

Anime Last Stand Tier List – Choose The Best Units For The Job!

As the name implies, Anime Last Stand features a wide range of characters, drawn from a wide range of anime. If you want to battle only with the best, then our Anime Last Stand tier list is for you.

Anime Last Stand is a Tower Defense game on the Roblox platform, in which you gather your favourite characters and fend off wave after wave of ruthless enemies. There are so many options to choose from that it’s hard to know where to start, especially early on. With the aid of our tier list, however, you’ll know just what Units to roll for, and which to add to your team.

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Full Tier List Of Anime Last Stand Units

The following is our tier list ranking for all the Units in Anime Last Stand. All except the Rare Units, that is. These are so common, and so weak in comparison to their higher-rarity cousins, that they’re not really worth including in a ranking like this. Use whichever ones you get early on, but be sure to replace them with Epics and above once you roll them.

Our ranking is based on our own personal experience playing the game, and also the current community consensus around each Unit. Naturally, both of these factors will change over time, so be sure to bookmark this article so you can keep track of the game’s evolving meta.

S Tier

  • Baldy (Bored) – Celestial
  • Flame Alchemist – Celestial
  • Kon (Adult) – Celestial
  • Curse King (Suppressed) – Mythic
  • Dark Captain – Mythic
  • Boku (SS) – Legendary

A Tier

  • Black Swordsman – Celestial
  • Captain Commander – Mythic
  • Illusionist – Mythic
  • Speedcart – Mythic
  • Strongest Sorcerer – Mythic
  • Lightning Swordsman – Legendary
  • Lenji (Demon Leg) – Epic
  • Tenjuro – Epic

B Tier

  • Idol – Celestial
  • World’s Strongest (Old) – Mythic
  • Grimjaw – Legendary
  • Noble Captain – Legendary
  • Uriu – Legendary
  • Vagata (Super) – Legendary
  • Pride (Night) – Epic
  • Riku – Epic

C Tier

  • Burning Hero – Legendary
  • Nemak Warrior – Legendary
  • Zuffy (Timeskip) – Legendary
  • Kon – Epic

D Tier

  • Wind Pillar – Legendary
  • Ichigo (Kai) – Epic
  • Zuffy (Lobby) – Epic