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Anime Last Stand Update 3 Tier List – March 2024 Rankings

With many new units to choose from you’ll need a solid tier list ranking them! My Anime Last Stand Update 3 Tier List does just that. Stick around to find out the best from the worst. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often for updates.

Anime Last Stand is a Tower Defense game on the Roblox platform, in which you gather your favourite characters and fend off wave after wave of ruthless enemies. There are so many options to choose from that it’s hard to know where to start, especially early on!

You can play Anime Last Stand via Roblox right now. If you need extra cash in the game, check out our complete list of Anime Last Stand codes. Plus don’t forget our regular Anime Last Stand Tier List.

Anime Last Stand Update 3 Tier List

Let’s get into the tiers! I’d like first to remind you that tier lists are subjective. I try to aim for the popular consensus for my rankings, but if you disagree that’s okay too! Our tiers are crafted from user experience, player feedback, and research. So we like to think that ours does the job.


OP! These units are the best of the best. Building a team with any of these goats makes you quite the TD threat!

  • Mesh
  • Cursed Child
  • Angel
  • Baldy (Bored)
  • HeavenlyChad
  • Speedcart


Strong, just not the best. These units are still versatile and reliable, they’re just not busted like those in S-Tier.

  • Black Swordsman
  • Boat
  • Cursed King
  • Ice Ice Baby
  • Dark Flash
  • Gigachad
  • Lightning Queen
  • Strongest Sorcerer (Unmasked)
  • Red Dragon Empress
  • Idol
  • Lovely Arrancar
  • Jenos


Average units that just about do the job. They’re not weak, nor are they overwhelmingly strong.

  • Flame Alchemist
  • Guitar Hero
  • MeteorGuard
  • Flash
  • Best Waifu
  • Kon (Adult)
  • Illusionist
  • Dark Captain
  • Top Choppa


Weaker units with sub-par capabilities. I wouldn’t settle for these personally.

  • Drip Zami
  • Riku
  • Knight King
  • Pride (Starter)
  • Gogata
  • Kohan (Drip)
  • Worlds Strongest (Old)


Would not recommend these units long term, or at all really.

  • Lightning Swordsman
  • Zuffy (Timeskip)
  • Noble Captain
  • Ulmiorra