The image shows the summoning page from Anime Rangers which has multiple units with different coloured glows indicating their rarity

Anime Rangers Tier List – All Units Ranked!

This Anime Rangers Tier List ranks every unit from best to worst so you know who to enlist! This tier list updates often as new units are added and the game experiences updates. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back so you never miss out on the ranks.

Hopefully, you’re not tired of anime-inspired Tower Defense-style games just yet. Anime Rangers is brand new on the scene and hosts a ton of your favourite anime characters for you to enlist and utilize in waves of combat.

Check out Anime Rangers over on Roblox. For more tiers check out my Anime Last Stand Update 3 Tier List and my Cursed Sea Tier List.

Anime Rangers Tier List (March 2024)

Now, tier lists are entirely subjective so the units I like may not be your cup of tea. You’re free to disagree, however, I reckon this tier list is solid in its options since I built it from personal gameplay, player feedback and consensus.


OP! The absolute GOATS. These units are strong, versatile, and dominate the competition. They’re the absolute best options to enlist into your team.

  • Sader Full Form
  • Susuna D
  • Raingogu
  • Ase


Good, just not the best. These units offer versatility but are outshone by our S-Tier rankers.

  • Susuna
  • Gujo
  • Sader
  • Yammi
  • Gonus


Average units that get the job done. They’re not too good, not too bad. Great fillers if you have gaps in your team, but I’d recommend swapping them for a higher tier eventually.

  • Weak Gonus
  • Kuzari
  • Sunuma
  • Red Hair
  • Rono


Weaker tiers with less versatility. They offer a few niche uses but overall I would not recommend them.

  • Koku
  • Emminu
  • Fujutoru
  • Yaju
  • Fuffy
  • Zazaku
  • Mero


Unlucky! These are the bottom-of-the-barrel for game units and are more of a hindrance.

  • Rikitsu
  • Koaiku
  • Tannyro
  • Rono