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Apocalyptic Rise Of Hero Tier List (2023) & Reroll Guide

This guide features our Apocalyptic Rise Of Hero tier list of all current characters and their ranking in terms of strength in the game so far. We will keep this list up to date with every character release and will rank them soon after. We thoroughly research this information to ensure that we provide an authentic and honest list to help you make a decision on who is best to use in your team.

Apocalyptic Rise Of Hero is an anime RPG that is available on Android and iOS and includes a rich story as well as unique characters to collect. For more information about the lore and the game, check out the official Apocalyptic Rise Of Hero Facebook.

Apocalyptic Rise Of Hero Tier List (2023)

  • S-Tier: Domura Shigan, All For One, Eijiro Kirishim, Ochaco Urarak, All Might, Endeavor, 4omo Yaoyoro, Izuku Midoriy, Mirio Togata
  • A-Tier: Stain, Present Mic, Dabi, Kurogiwi, Himiko Toga, Inasa Yoarash, Shota Aizawa
  • B-Tier: Gang Orca, Tenya Tida, Shoto Todorok, Mr. Compress, Best Jeanist, Nezu, Gran Torino, Catsuki Bakugo, Izuku Midoriya
  • C-Tier: Tsuyu Asui, Itsuka Kendo, Cementos, Denkai Kaminar, Seiji Shishikur
  • D-Tier: Mei Hatsume, No. 13, Kyoka Jiro

Apocalyptic Rise of Hero Characters

  • 4omo Yaoyoro
  • All For One
  • All Might
  • Best Jeanist
  • Catsuki Bakugo
  • Cementos
  • Dabi, Kurogiwi
  • Denkai Kaminar
  • Domura Shigan
  • Eijiro Kirishim
  • Endeavor
  • Gang Orca
  • Gran Torino
  • Himiko Toga
  • Inasa Yoarash
  • Itsuka Kendo
  • Izuku Midoriy
  • Izuku Midoriya
  • Kyoka Jiro
  • Mei Hatsume
  • Mirio Togata
  • Mr. Compress
  • Nezu
  • No. 13
  • Ochaco Urarak
  • Present Mic
  • Seiji Shishikur
  • Shota Aizawa
  • Shoto Todorok
  • Stain
  • Tenya Tida
  • Tsuyu Asui

How Many Characters Are There In Apocalyptic Rise Of Hero?

There are around 30 characters currently in Apocalyptic Rise Of Hero, with plans to increase the roster considerably in future updates. We’ll update this guide with each character release and place them into our ranking system. 

Our Tiers Explained

Here’s a description of our tiers.

S Tier List

The best characters in the game, and deemed the strongest when it comes to their abilities. We recommend trying to obtain an S-tier character as soon as possible.

A Tier List

Fantastic characters and great replacements if you don’t manage to get your hands on an S tier. They can be used alongside S-tier characters and can easily help you clear content.

B Tier List

Not the best in terms of strength but they’re good fillers at the start of the game. They can be used as a support choice to aid your A-tier and S-tier characters.

C Tier List

It’s best to avoid placing these characters in your party, especially if you want to clear content efficiently.

D Tier List

Not worth upgrading or using at all and should be avoided completely.

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Apocalyptic Rise Of Hero Reroll Guide

If you’re worried about not getting the character you want, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our reroll guide.

  1. Sign in using a guest account
  2. Complete the first few levels, including the tutorial
  3. Collect your free rewards
  4. Draw as many times as possible

S-tier characters are the main ones to focus on for your first summon. If you didn’t get the character you want, you can delete the account and all of the game data. Reinstall the game and repeat the process until you obtain your desired character.

About The Game

In Apocalyptic Rise Of Hero, you will collect a variety of heroes and pit them against your enemies in a detailed campaign. The game features a few different game modes, such as a PVE mode and PVP tournaments. Rise Of Hero also utilises an anime aesthetic, allowing you to live out your anime hero adventure.