Apple Arcade Gets Five New Games This Week

Apple Arcade has just received five new games: Inmost, Decoherence, ShockRods, Mind Symphony, and Stela.

ShockRods is a manic multiplayer vehicle battler that’s reminiscent of PlayStation classic Twisted Metal.

The New Apple Arcade Games Include Two Platformers, Two Multiplayer Battlers, and a Rhythm Action Shoot ‘em Up

Stela is a Limbo-style adventure that challenges you to survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of puzzles to solve.

Mind Symphony is a bullet hell mixed with a rhythm action game. You’ll shoot enemies to the rhythm of the music.

Inmost is a platform adventure that challenges you to play three different characters as they explore an abandoned castle.

Finally, Decoherence is a multiplayer bot battler. You’ll build your own robot of war and send it out into battle against your opponents.

If you like the sound of all or one of these, go and grab them via Apple Arcade right now on the App Store.