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Best Apple Game Releases Of The Year! Our 2023 Roundup!

It’s that time of year when we reminisce on the game launches we have seen over 2023 and round up our best Apple game releases of the year! Of course, it would be nearly impossible to spotlight every gaming app that has hit the App Store this year, so this feature is entirely self-indulgent and personal.

Without further ado, let’s discuss a few of our favourites!

Reverse 1999

Undoubtedly a gacha made the list, they’re plentiful and constantly releasing. What set Reverse 1999 apart however was the unique take on gacha systems and absolutely gorgeous graphics. This game is eye candy for anyone who likes a bit of a painted-esque vintage aesthetic. The stunning blend of story and style made this gacha a huge contender for our round-up list this year!

Reverse 1999 is nothing short of a cinematic spectral with interesting three-dimensional characters and a great combat system that requires the most strategic of hands.

You can pick up this time-travelling puzzler RPG over on the App Store.

the image shows two women under an umberella avoiding the rain of an old-timey style city version of new york

Monster Hunter Now

As someone who already enjoys Pokémon Go, Monster Hunter Now was downloaded on day one of the launch! It has a similar formula to Pokémon Go but shakes it up with a bit of violence. Instead of catching the (pocket) monsters, you slay them to loot rewards for upgrades.

Monster Hunter Now encourages players to explore their real-world surroundings to find regional beasts and deposits. Overall this game is great for people who are fans of the Monster Hunter franchise, or the play style of Pokémon Go.

Grab it on the go! You can check out MHN over on the App Store.

the image shows a bunch of players battling a monster in a regular city

Hello Kitty Island Adventure (Apple Arcade)

Now this one is an Apple Arcade release, but as a Sanrio girlie, I had to include it! I’m not immune to open-world adventures, and to be included in one with all my favourite little cuties from the Sanrio franchise pushed this game onto my list.

Collect, fish, craft, build, explore, befriend, selfie, everything! My favourite feature of all was creating my own little Hello Kitty styled avatar. I literally have my own Sanrio OC now yay!

All around Hello Kitty Island Aventure is a cute game brimming with things to do all whilst enjoying the company of the likes of Kuromi, Cinnamoroll, Gudetama and so many more!

Hello! You can get this game over on the App Store.

the image shows three characters in a cutesy 3d rendering style. Cinnamoroll is in the background with a cute pink cap with clouds on either side. My Melody is in the middle and at the front is the players avatar

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

This one should hardly surprise you. Final Fantasy is a titan of a franchise and Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis brought with it everything beloved about this series and dropped it on the App Store. Players new and old got to relive some of the most iconic FFVII moments with stunning cut scenes in a lore-rich world.

On top of the captivating story was an immersive built-in combat system featuring familiar faces from the Final Fantasy cast. Gamers were eager for this release and boy did it deliver!

Check out Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis on the App Store!

the image shows two characters back to back facing left and right. They are both holding great swords which run the length of their bodies. The blonde guy on the left has the blade over his shoulder whilst the dark haired man on the right has the blade facing down


Hear me out, I know Roblox isn’t new to the App Store but this timeless game always receives new titles internally. Over the year here on iFanzine we get to sample so many awesome games when building guides and tier lists! It seemed only fair to give Roblox a cheeky shoutout.

As always, check out Roblox over on the App Store.

the image shows a slideshow of different roblox games in the form of squared screenshots with the roblox logo at the bottom

Apple Game Releases of The Year Round Up!

Well, there it is! Our Apple game releases of the year. We imagine your favourite release list would look different from ours, but no two gamers are the same. I’m excited to come back to this next year with all new releases from across 2024. See you next year!