Apple AirPods

Apple’s AirPods 2 Will Feature Lower Latency to Better Support Mobile Games

Apple has announced the second generation of AirPods, its nifty little wireless Bluetooth headphones. Why does that matter to us gamers? Well, because the big new feature is lower latency.

That should allow the AirPods to better sync up the sound you hear with the action on the screen. Right now, you’ll sometimes hear sounds a few milliseconds after you’ve performed an action, which is a bit jarring.

The Second Generation AirPods Will Reportedly Reduce Latency by About 30%

The new AirPods reportedly decrease latency by around 30% while playing games, which is awesome. They’ll also support hands-free Siri support, a wireless charging case, and the new H1 chip.

You can purchase the new earphones right now from the official Apple site. They’ll set you back about $199.