Arc The Lad R Out Now on the App Store

About a month ago we told you that pre-registration pages were up for Arc The Lad R, the latest game in the classic JRPG series. Well, the time for pre-registration is now over. Arc The Lad R is available from the App Store right this second.

The game, which is set after the events of Arc The Lad 2, and combines tactical scraps, RPG elements and adventure to make something that looks pretty cool. You’re building up a team of fighters to battle your way through the story.

There’s PvP thrown into the mix as well. You can take your team and add in some season-specific scrappers to take on other players in the arena. There are leaderboards and all that jazz as well, so you’ll know just how good you are.

Throw in a character progression system that sees you unlocking new outfits and gear, special weapons and loads of different content and modes and you’re left with a pretty intriguing prospect. Especially if you’re a fan of the series.

You can pick up Arc The Lad R from the App Store right now by clicking here. The game is free to play, and there are IAPs waiting if you want to throw some cash at it. We reckon this one is definitely worth checking out.