Arcado Champs: Tower Defense is an upcoming title dropping on iOS devices. The image features four characters from the game.

Dive Into The Arcade Machine In Arcado Champs: Tower Defense, A New RTS Slot Game!

Arcado Champs: Tower Defense is an upcoming title dropping on iOS devices on February 18th. It’s set to take you back into the nostalgic and glorious days of arcade gaming. Developed by Gape Labs, it’s an F2P game that has a mix of real-time strategy and luck-based fun.

There’s An Old-school Arcade Machine!

Yes, true to its name, Arcado Champs: Tower Defense has an arcade machine and you’ll find yourself inside of it! You’ll face all sorts of surprises while battling it out with other players in real time. Oh, and you get to build your own crew to dominate the game.

One of the coolest thing about the title is that there’s a slot machine right there in the arcade. Spin those reels and you could unlock special powers or discover new characters to join your squad. Plus, you can merge similar characters to level them up and make them even more awesome.

Strategy is key in this game. You have to defend your turf from enemy attacks using tower defense tactics. With a bunch of different characters at your fingertips, you’ll need to be smart about who you send out and how you use their powers to win against players from all over the world. On that note, why don’t you take a quick look at the game below?

There Are Different Modes

Arcado Champs: Tower Defense lets you play solo or team up with friends to climb the leaderboards together. Every match gets intense with the tower defense twist, making every move count big time. And then there’s Eldrin, the mystical magician who guides you through mastering the game’s elements.

With its cool gameplay and online multiplayer action, Arcado Champs will be a fresh take on arcade and tower defense games. Get ready to test your skills on the virtual battlefield! Head to the App Store and pre-order the game now!

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