Archero Guide: How to Get Started With Your Latest Obsession

Archero is the latest hit mobile game that will keep you addicted for an absolute age. You’ll battle your way through endless dungeons, firing a multitude of arrows at your opponents.

Then you’ll die and do it all over again. And again. Here’s a few tips and tricks to help you get started.

Archero Beginner’s Guide:

  • Go on the offensive: When picking upgrades, choose the one that will help you kill enemies faster. As you grow accustomed to the game, you’ll learn enemy attack patterns so avoiding attacks won’t be that difficult.
  • Stay safe: Considering that you can’t move and attack at the same time, picking your position is essential when stopping. Make sure you don’t get attacked from all sides, basically.
  • Get upgrades between battles: When you inevitably die, you’ll earn a bunch of coins. Spend these on upgrades. That will help you smash through your next run.
  • Skill combos are very helpful: You can combo together various different skills for awesome effects. Multi-arrow and ricochet is an obvious choice, as is multi-arrow and front arrow. Then there’s the DoT effects like fire and poison – these will combine to double your damage over time.
  • Dodge: Dodging attacks is the best way to stay alive, so you’d better learn how to do it. A good rule of thumb is to dodge immediately after an attack is fired. Projectiles are designed to hit where your last position was once fired, so you can’t pre-empt the dodge.